June 22, 2023

Once again, it's on; the FIFTH annual #BRP50 list is here! We're back with our annual look at the Top 50 Black pro wrestlers currently working in the squared circle. As usual, we look at where these wrestlers stack up over the last calendar year (the #BRP50 for 2023 goes from May 2022 to May 2023). For anyone wondering, here is a look at the criteria that goes into making a list like this—now it's time for YOU to see where everyone lands.

Without further delay, here is the 2023 #BRP50, which we will be counting down throughout the week.

50. J Boujii
49. Isaiah Broner
48. AC Mack
47. Willie Mack
46. Shane Taylor
45. Trish Adora
44. Kevin Knight
43. O'Shay Edwards
42. Savannah Evans
41. Shaloncé Royal
40. Fred Rosser
39. Lee Moriarty
38. Michael Oku aka The OJMO
37. Apollo Crews
36. Trinity
35. Kofi Kingston
34. Jay Lethal
33. Nyla Rose
32. Omos
31. Myron Reed
30. Janai Kai
29. Xavier Woods
28. Angelo Dawkins
27. Charlette Renegade
26. Robyn Renegade
25. Keith Lee
24. Lio Rush
23. AR Fox
22. Calvin Tankman
21. Kaun
20. Chris Bey
19. Alex Kane
18. Dante Martin
17. Montez Ford
16. Ricochet
15. Darius Carter
14. Trey Miguel
13. Jade Cargill
12. Max Caster
11. Anthony Bowens
10. Bryan Keith
09. Powerhouse Hobbs
08. Mercedes Moné
07. Willow Nightingale
06. Athena
05. Wes Lee
04. Ricky Starks
03. Bobby Lashley
02. Carmelo Hayes
01. Bianca Belair

You should also check out a number of our features, including Andreas Hale's introductory piece on the rise of Black pro wrestlers from the independent scene, Mimi aka #TheWrestlingChic's interview with Janai Kai, WeLuvWrestling's exclusive conversation with The Renegade Twins, and a special look at "The All Father" Darius Carter from khal.


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