August 16, 2010

Dark Journey aka Linda Newton is credited for being the first African-American female manager in pro wrestling. Discovered by Dirty Dick Slater in a strip club, Dark Journey was a valet for the legendary Four Horsemen for a month. She left the rasslin' business in 1987 and since her whereabouts have been sketchy. Rumors range from Linda having major drug problems and being possibly murdered to her owning a boutique in Los Angeles. So Linda if you are out there, holla at us.. You and Perry Saturn.


missy hyatt shitted on her in her book.


Ahhh Sting got a fade huh lol...


There was a place in Atlanta called Fannie's it was a dive I mean a s******* of a strip bar I remember seeing Linda dance there and then all of a sudden one day there she is on TV and I called buddy of mine on my check that crap out
I saw quite a few wrestlers come to that titty bar never saw dick Slater though

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