May 8, 2024

Words: Mimi aka #TheWrestlingChic

Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill captured the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship at WWE Backlash France this past Saturday, an incredible culmination of their recent partnership. This championship win marks a significant milestone for the company's women’s division and for both women. Besides demonstrating their individual skills and style, this victory also signifies a shift towards a more inclusive and supportive wrestling environment that cements their status as leaders in the industry and symbolizes a new era of empowerment and camaraderie.

Bianca Belair: A Trailblazer’s Continuing Legacy
Bianca Belair, already a celebrated figure in WWE and in Women’s Wrestling, adds yet another accolade to her impressive resume. Known for her athleticism and charismatic presence, Bianca has been a pivotal figure in women's wrestling, holding multiple titles including the WWE Raw and Smackdown Women's Championships, making her the ninth WWE Women's Triple Crown Champion. Her journey from standout performances in NXT to becoming a main event star on WWE’s biggest stages, like WrestleMania, showcases her impact on the industry. This latest victory in the tag team category further cements her status as one of her generation's most influential female wrestlers.

Cargill’s Remarkable Evolution
Since Jade Cargill’s departure from AEW and joining the WWE women’s locker room, Jade has shown growth in the ring. Her transition has been driven by a noticeable evolution in her recently added movesets since debuting the Royal Rumble and getting more comfortable in her persona. One would say this is a testament to her hard work and dedication to becoming an industry great. The support from established WWE superstars like her tag team partner Bianca Belair, alongside other notable women on the roster such as Naomi, Asuka, Kairi Sane, Bayley, and Dakota Kai, has been crucial in her development. This camaraderie exemplifies a nurturing environment often overshadowed by the competitive nature of the sport.

A Unified Front: Changing the Narrative in Women’s Wrestling
The visible support from fellow women wrestlers for both Bianca and Jade highlights a significant shift in the narrative around industry locker rooms and women’s professional wrestling as a whole. This environment of healthy competition and mutual support is crucial for setting up any athlete for success, both inside and outside the ring. It challenges the often-touted notion that fierce competition must exclude camaraderie and support among female athletes.

The success of Bianca and Jade as a team brings a fresh dynamic to WWE’s women's tag team division. It foresees promising and exciting rivalries for storylines and matches. Their backgrounds, in-ring styles, and strong personalities could help elevate the tag team division and continue to draw more fans to women’s wrestling. This victory could potentially add more focus on women's tag wrestling, which has struggled in the past in the WWE. Giving it equal importance as the men's narratives has been a long-standing goal for advocates of gender equality in sports entertainment. The success of Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill and their win celebrates skill, growth, and sisterhood. It’s setting the stage for a new chapter in WWE that honors collaboration and empowerment among women athletes. This win will enhance their careers and strengthen the collective foundation of the division while creating a stronger narrative where aspiring female wrestlers can achieve greatness through empowerment and success in women's professional wrestling.

The Writer's Note: Naomi's Come Back Journey
It’s been five months since Naomi made her comeback to WWE in the Royal Rumble, marking a significant turn of events in her career. Her return highlights the impact of a warm reception in a highly competitive atmosphere, which makes a career more enjoyable and fuels the drive to excel. Saturday night, the triple threat match for the WWE Women’s Championship stood out as one of the most exciting of the evening. Bayley, the seasoned veteran, excelled in her role, aiding the integration and elevation of two women, Naomi and Tiffany Stratton, helping them reach their potential. Shout out to Naomi for seamlessly picking up where she left off, proving that she is indeed back without missing a beat. Another shout out to Bayley for being instrumental in Naomi's journey and showing what sisterhood looks like in the high-stakes world of WWE, serving as a reminder of how supportive environments and seasoned guidance can propel talented individuals to greater heights.

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