July 11, 2023

Words: Mimi aka #TheWrestlingChic

Hip-Hop and wrestling fans often get to enjoy the best of both worlds; I know I do! Not only are the lyrics in their music larger than life, much like professional wrestlers, just like their music videos, in which Hip-Hop artists create drama similar to what we'd see on WWE, AEW, or Impact. We’ve seen celebrities even take part in storylines. At a live recording of Elliott Wilson's CRWN Hip-Hop podcast at the Tribeca Film Festival, Rap's “Pretty Flacko” A$AP Rocky stated: "Rap is the new wrestling," before adding that in the world of hip-hop, artists create alter egos coupled with outlandish looks and verbiage, just like pro wrestlers. But what if rap and wrestling were more than just similar? What if they were actually the same thing? What if your favorite Hip-Hop artists were actually pro wrestlers in disguise, and vice versa? What if you could watch them battle it out in the ring and on the mic?

Amuse me and take a look at a list of rap-wrestling match-ups that would make both genres go wild. Here are some epic showdowns that I’d love to see:

Jay-Z vs. The Rock: Battle of the Icons. It's no secret both men are charismatic, successful, and influential on their respective blocks. Each of them has memorable catchphrases and signature moves. Both have loyal fan bases and haters alike. Who would win in a rap-wrestling match between El Presidente and The People's Champ? On his famous diss track "Takeover," Hov claimed that Nas was washed up and irrelevant, and that while Nas may spit a dope line, Jay was able to transform that line into a hot song. The Rock's feud with John Cena had lines like "You're so bad they call you Yoko Ono" or "You're like a big fat bowl of Fruity Pebbles." Not exactly a lyrical genius, but hey, Rocky tried. The feuds escalated to the point where both rappers released multiple songs, while Rock and Cena aimed promos at each other, even involving other artists in the locker room. Their discords culminated in ultimate showdowns, eventually bringing them together as friends till this day. Though much alike, would The Rock's electrifying personality and trash talk be enough to intimidate Hov? 

Winner: HOV. [Ed note: Easily (sorry, Dwayne).] Jay’s knack for fact collecting and being a master at verbal “low blows” would cripple bubblegum pop promos. The streets always win.

Drake vs. Roman Reigns: Battle of the Champions. Whether in the ring or in the studio, both are current champions of their generation, incredibly successful, and influential in pop culture. Drake and Roman Reigns are both smooth, confident leaders, with #DayOne loyal fan bases and haters strong. Drake is known for his ability to switch between different styles and sounds, from singing R&B hooks to rapping over EDM and trap beats, all the while collaborating with a variety of artists. A versatile performer alike, Reigns can work as a face or heel and navigate any WWE Superstar or storyline. Whether you prefer rap or wrestling, you can't deny their impact and success in the mainstream space. "Drake and Roman Reigns are one of the same; they make money; anything they do is a main event," says my son Justin, a long-time fan of both artists. Would the Tribal Chief's presence be enough to overpower Drake's rap skills and influence? Would they Acknowledge each other as Undisputed Champions or try to claim the title for themselves?

Winner: Roman Reigns. [Ed note: There’s a shock.] While Roman Reigns was never the best in the mic, time makes everything better. Drake has always had a way with words, however, Drake is notorious for shying away from controversy. The Tribal Chief is known to face anything, take on anyone—including his own Bloodline—at any time and will always have the last word and winning pin.

Nas vs Bret Hart: Battle of the Technicians. If you're looking for a pair of legends who mastered their craft, “Nasty” Nas and Bret "The Hitman" Hart both hold legendary status and are the best there is, the best there was and the best they'll ever be in their worlds. The GRAMMY Award winner has over 30 million albums sold worldwide,  and The Hitman is a five-time WWF champion himself. Nas dropped Illmatic like a sharpshooter in the rap game, an album that still resonates today. His skills on the mic are unparalleled with vivid narratives and storytelling. Bret Hart is one of the greatest in-ring technicians and physical storytellers of all time. Known for not only creating, but having one of the best Sharpshooters in the business (as well as being one of Vince McMahon’s top guys), Bret Hart is widely regarded in pro wrestling history, but unfortunately, not on the mic. As a WWE Hall of Famer and a rap hero to many fans around the world, Nas and The Excellence in Execution are the rap-wrestling deities with impeccable lyrical-wrestling we can appreciate and adore. Would Nas Escobar’s lyrical skills and confidence overcome Bret Hart’s strength and arrogance? 

Winner: Bret Hart. While Nas may only need One Mic, Bret only needs one sharp-Shooter for a submission to the wrestling Gawd.

Cardi B vs. Mercedes Mone: The Battle of the Bosses. These are two spicy, fierce, confident, and talented women who have dominated their rings, and both come with die hard fanbases. Mercedes can make anyone tap out with a Bank Statement, and Cardi is known for tapping into a good read or drag on social media. Both have colorful personas that make them stand out. Mercedes is a huge fan of anime and cosplay, often dressing up in characters, while Cardi won't pass on an opportunity to wear couture. Both use their platforms for expression. Most impressively, these two women have broken barriers, proving that whether it be rap skills or physical agility, they will not be unseen. Would Cardi B's charisma and flair be sufficient to outshine Mercedes' in-ring dominance? Would they support each other as women or try to prove who's better? 

Winner: “Mercedes Mone” says Krista B of Those Wrestling Girls. “We’ve seen her grow as a pro wrestler and this is something she is passionate about. Cardi can fight, she’s from the streets and it's a different style of fighting.”

Kendrick Lamar vs. Bryan Danielson: Battle of the Underdogs. These two rose to the top with pure talent, drive, and a loyal following who appreciate their craft and message. Both have faced challenges and setbacks in their careers but always bounced back more vital than ever. Kendrick Lamar is one of the best rappers of his time, with lyrical prowess and an unmatched flow. Bryan Danielson is one of the best in-ring technicians and expert psychologists in pro wrestling. Lamar has a lot of advantages in a rap battle, with a vast vocabulary, sharp wit, and a knack for storytelling, just like Danielson. Lamar can switch up his style and tempo to suit any beat or opponent. He can also rap about anything, from social issues to personal struggles to metaphysical concepts. Lamar is unafraid to challenge himself or his listeners with complex rhymes and messages, similar to Danielson, who tests the limits of his opponents through various submission techniques and pure violence. 

Winner: Bryan Danielson. Kendrick Lamar may have some disadvantages in a rap battle, but grapes is the game and Danielson can only spit about one thing: wrestling. He can only rap in one style: strong, and he can only rap in one tempo: fast. Could Kendrick keep up?

Nicki Minaj vs. Charlotte Flair: Clash of the Queens. Who would reign supreme? That question has been on my mind since Offset—a big fan of Charlotte's legendary father, Ric Flair—introduced the Queen on WWE SmackDown in 2019. Harajuku Barbie, also known as Chun-Li, has the advantage of being one of the most successful and pivotal female rappers in the game. With a distinct flow, witty wordplay, and menacing attitude, you can't deny she’s a Queen with a sword for destruction. She can rap circles around anyone and is not afraid to throw shade or shoes at her enemies, much like Charlotte Flair! Charlotte has the advantage of being one of the most dominant and decorated wrestlers of all time (queue the haters snarls!). Her powerful presence, physique and incredible athletic ability is undeniable. Both have inspired many young women and shattered the glass ceiling of hip-hop and pro wrestling, respectively with their skills in the studio, in the ring and on the runway. With fierce attitudes and a Flair for fashion, who would be the true Queen of bars and brawls?

Winner: Nicki Lewinski aka Nicki Minaj. As a fan of The Queen, Charlotte Flair will always have bars and big brawls, but Nicki Minaj has the verbal sword to slice her way for the win.

Eminem vs. Randy Orton: The Battle of the Rap-Wrestlers. The chart-topping Slim Shady has always been a mainstay in the headlines, a place Randy Orton is also familiar with. Over 220 million records have been sold worldwide, and he has won 15 Grammy Awards and an Academy Award. In addition to being the top guy in one of the industry's most influential factions, Evolution, the Viper has won 14 World Championships. The one thing these two have in common has nothing to do with their success, though: they are weapons. They are popular, provocative, skilled and controversial, often addressing social and personal issues while decimating their rivals. When they were at their peak, they were both unstoppable and unpredictable. Eminem obviously has more bars, but Orton has more scars. Although Eminem may have more fans, "The Viper" has more venomous schemes. The lyrical prowess of Eminem mirrors the slithering ways in which Orton deals with his prey. You are in the crosshairs once these two sink their teeth into you, and there is no letting up until the damage is done. Eminem vs. Randy Orton would be a match made in heaven or hell, either way, I would like to see this. Would The Viper’s quick bite be enough to counter Eminem's rap skills and Ruthless Aggression

Winner: Draw. King Petty is played until the end, so this is a tough one. In Killshot to Machine Gun Kelly, Eminem committed murder on the mic, while Orton committed several on screen felonies with The Fiend... Or does it count as a crime if the other party is technically already dead?... Hmmm.


Rap-wrestling matches like these would be a blast to watch. The possibilities are endless, and entertaining combinations could be priceless. A friend of the Black Rasslin' Podcast, teacher, rapper and hero Mega Ran, weighs in on who he’d compare himself to as we commemorate 50 years of Hip-Hop: 

"If I had to compare myself to any wrestler, it'd be The People's Champ, no, not The Rock. I'm talking about the original blue-collar star, Diamond Dallas Page. Like me, DDP started on the path a little later in life, scratched and clawed his way to the top, all his own way. Never the easy way but the long way, which has proven more rewarding. I've always seen a bit of myself in Page's work ethic. He made you believe and brought you along for an emotional ride. Now I just have to start Mega Ran Yoga in the next few years, and the cycle will be complete. Throw your diamonds in the sky if you feel the...BANG!”

You may not agree with my picks, drop a comment on your thoughts and what your combos are. Ridiculousness is a tune in! Be sure to check out all our content on our social media and Black Rasslin' Podcast Patreon for exclusive pro wrestling content.

Mimi aka #TheWrestlingChic co-hosts #TurnbuckleTalk every Tuesday at 6:35pm ET and also contributes to the Black Rasslin' Podcast.

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