May 2, 2022

Mimi Jean-Louis: #TheWrestlingChic 

Fashion designers uniting with other brands has been a consistent wave since the early 2000s. One could argue it brings validity to one or both sides of the fence while generating more eyes to the company's bottom line. Designers and brands at all levels have seen the value and impact in their markets by building creative partnerships while cultivating essential consumer experiences.

Collaborative partnerships can provoke pious FOMO hype. The buzz and exclusivity of must-have lifestyle drops can positively affect non-streetwear brands like McDonald’s and Gucci that collaborate with the likes of Supreme, artists like Travis Scott, or in this case, John Geiger and Patrón Tequila.

These two impressionable brands have partnered again for another Cinco de Mayo-inspired collection. In 2021, Patrón and Geiger joined forces to launch a clothing line inspired by remnants from Patrón’s UK Day of the Dead Mexican Heritage limited-edition collectors tin. The collection was curated by artist Senkoe, honoring the origins of agave and Mexican heritage.

This year’s muse of inspiration is a bottle of Patrón and a pair of GF-01s made of ‘rare’ materials from the Patrón agave pinas fields of Jalisco, Mexico. With a green and white color-way scheme, the design is intended to match the tequila’s staple packaging to include Patrón’s signature bee, blending in the designer’s ‘g’ logo.

“I’m consistently inspired and impressed by Patrón. I loved working with them last year on our streetwear collection, and this is another collaboration truly driven by passion,” said Geiger. “It was only fitting to go bigger and better for Cinco de Mayo with an epic sneaker drop that takes the designs we created with them last year to the next level.”

Award-winning, internationally acclaimed footwear strategist and designer Jazerai Allen-Lord is among the few to receive the limited collection before the masses. The fashion enthusiast gave her followers a quick preview on Instagram. “I love when brands find an authentic & true connection, like Patrón and JG. The packaging, design, and execution are flawless,” says Allen-Lord.

Chloe Lloyd-Jones, VP of Marketing at Patrón Tequila, states, “Patrón has captivating energy that brings like-minded partners together. Sharing a passion for craft and bold innovation, Patrón is excited to be teaming up with John again to bring this unique offering to life in time for Cinco de Mayo, a moment that is all about gathering with great company and great cocktails.”

The Patrón x John Geiger GF-01 is scheduled to drop on John Geiger’s website on May 5, 2022—aka on Cinco de Mayo—at 5PM ET. The limited-edition collection will retail at $250.

Mimi, our newest member of the #BRP crew, is a super-kickin' copy-gal, a TwitterSpaces co-host via @turnbucklespace weekly Tuesdays at 7p & Fridays at 10p ET and on @blackrasslin episodes Thursdays at 8:30p ET.

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